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“You look in their eyes, even in a picture, doesn’t matter if they’re dead or alive, you can still read ‘em. You know what you see? They welcomed it… not at first, but… right there in the last instant. It’s an unmistakable relief. See, ‘cause they were afraid, and now they saw for the very first time how easy it was to just… let go. Yeah They saw, in that last nanosecond, they saw… what they were. You, yourself, this whole big drama, it was never more than a jerry rig of presumption and dumb will, and you could just let go. To finally know that you didn’t have to hold on so tight. To realize that all your life, all your love, all your hate, all your memories, all your pain, it was all the same thing. It was all the same dream, a dream that you had inside a locked room, a dream about being a person. And like a lot of dreams, there’s a monster at the end of it.” — True Detective S01 E03 “The Locked Room”

Inside (À l’intérieur) - 2007 - dir. Julien Maury


From ashes by ChrisCold





Zdzislaw Beksinski

Genesis (1998) - dir Nacho Cerda

Aftermath/Genesis - Nacho Cerda

“We do not rush towards death. We flee the catastrophe of birth, survivors struggling to forget it. Fear of death is merely the projection into the future of a fear which dates back to our first moment of life.” — The Trouble With Being Born by Emil Cioran

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“See we all get what I call a life trap. This gene-deep certainty that things will be different. That you’ll move to another city and meet the people that will be your friends for the rest of your life. That you’ll fall in love and be fulfilled. Fucking fulfillment, heh. And closure, whatever those 2 fucking empty jars to hold this shitstorm. Fucking nothing’s ever fulfilled… until the very end. And closure… No, nothing is ever over.” — Rust Cohle “True Detective”